Early Signs of Ovarian Cancer You Should Not Ignore
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In most cases, ovarian cancer is diagnosed in its advanced stages and the reason is that patients cannot recognize the symptoms. In some cases, even visible symptoms are neglected or misinterpreted because of their common nature, and it is actually the biggest mistake many people make.

These are the common symptoms that are always overlooked: the first symptoms of ovarian cancer are mostly considered as signs of a certain harmless condition. However it is not true, these common symptoms are often overlooked for most women.

That is why they do not attend a quick visit to the doctor. It is extremely important to monitor their condition on a regular basis and carefully determine the duration of symptoms. If you are persistent or even if you have already received adequate therapy, you should perform some thorough examination as they are considered common symptoms you should not rule them out.

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These are common symptoms to consider:

1 .Abdominal swelling, pressure and pain: Most women swell during their menstrual cycle. However, do not forget that the swelling is an early sign of ovarian cancer. this can range from being habitual to being so excessive that it is almost impossible to wear a tight dress or tight pants. if you take diuretics and medications and are still swollen after two weeks you need to consult your doctor immediately.

2. Frequent urination: if you notice that you must run to the bathroom but have not increased the consumption of water it is necessary to consult a doctor. these are common symptoms of ovarian cancer. in addition it is necessary to check if you have problems in the urinary tract. frequent urination is a symptom of a certain urinary tract infection. the first step is to treat this condition, but if the symptom persists you should consult a gynaecologist and explain about the smallest detail about this condition.

Early Signs of Ovarian Cancer You Should Not Ignore (VIDEO)

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